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Family Literacy

Designed for K-5 elementary school children and their families. Hands-on approaches promote positive family interaction and lay the foundation for love of reading and learning through shared storytelling and art activities.

Building Literacy Engagement for Young Children

Our hands-on Family Literacy Events for young children (K-2nd grade) and their families provides parents with information and techniques to strengthen literacy development at home.


They offer families an opportunity to be actively involved in their children's academic and social growth, while helping build positive family relationships. The sessions engage parents and children in lively learning activities that strengthen language arts literacy skills through storytelling and drama and support the development of communication and interpersonal skills.

About the Program

Teaching artists visit schools to conduct workshops for students and their parents, families and caregivers.


Our interactive family workshops are approximately 90 minutes each and take place in school auditoriums, cafeterias, or other spaces.


Together the children and their caregivers are able to create their very own Pop-Up Puppet presentation by performing for each other one-on-one using the custom-made cardstock stages. 

Everyone takes home their creations, and the stages can be used to create puppet shows at home from other stories they read together in the future!

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