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Student Workshops

All our workshops for Grades K -12 help teachers address ELA standards and students develop skills such as visualizing elements of stories, understanding plot and characters, making logical arguments and citing textual evidence in their writing. 

All activities can be readily adapted for the special needs or ELL classroom.

Our Results:

United States Department of Education Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination Program

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Bringing Literature to Life

Arts integrated lessons with Grades K - 2 that combine storytelling, movement, art, music, puppetry and role play with writing and drawing activities.  Emphasis is on the joy of expression, early literacy skills, and working together creatively in pairs and groups.


Inspiring Young Writers

The Inspiring Young Writers sessions feature lively, out-of-your seat, and engaging activities  helping all levels of learners build positive associations with writing. Young people brainstorm, collaborate, and generate writing in various genres. 


Drug & Alcohol Prevention,  Anti-Bullying, Social Justice

For all grade levels, these lessons help students examine important issues they face daily, such as understanding strong emotions, how the company we keep matters and how the choices we make, and the assumptions we have, affect not only ourselves, but others as well.


High School Arts Integration

An innovative series that incorporates argumentative writing into the art or language arts curriculum. Visualization and observation activities lead to exploring, interpreting and writing about images, including photographs and famous works of art.