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How We Work

The Educational Arts Team's programs are grounded in experiential learning theory and have evolved over four decades of research, implementation and refinement. Every lesson models higher order thinking and encourages mutual respect.

Our offerings are highly customized to meet the needs of each school and curriculum and are modified for different age groups. 


Throughout our lessons students are led to question, reflect, deduce, and problem solve while considering issues, themes, and characters from texts that they read.

Role Drama

Teachers and students work to get a deeper understanding of character motivations and traits, and to explore point of view. 

Puppet Making

Students construct puppets to represent characters from a text, then add voices and actions to re-tell the story.

Theater Workshop

Acting, directing, and scenery-making techniques are used to delve into stories and novels and other classroom texts.

Writing and Drawing

Writing flows naturally when students are given a chance to discover what it is they have to say.

Our Workshops

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For Students

Programs that inspire all types of learners to experience success in the language arts classroom.


For Educators

Sessions that equip teachers with easy-to-use strategies and engaging group activities that generate informative and creative writing. 


For Families

Hands-on events that provide opportunities for parents to be more involved in their child's learning through fun, creative activities.

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