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Inspiring Young Writers

The Inspiring Young Writers sessions feature lively, out-of-your seat, and engaging activities 

helping all levels of learners build positive associations with writing. 


In each session young people will brainstorm, collaborate, and generate writing in various genres.   


Workshops available for grades 3 through 8.

For: Language Arts Classrooms, After-School Programs, or Weekend Workshops.

90-minute Group Session: Only $325!

Sessions to Choose from:

Fostering a Love of Writing

Turning verbal storytelling into personal narrative.

The Original Social Media

Interacting, collaborating, and exchanging comments and ideas.

What’s the Story?

Inventive ways to create your next fictional narrative.

That’s What I Think!

Building opinion into persuasive and argumentative writing.



These activities allow students to feel more comfortable sharing their ideas with peers. 


I have participated in this program for fourteen years and truly believe that the staff contributions help us provide additional support for our differentiated learners.


These lessons have made several of my students come out of their shell and participate. They have been able to express their opinions using evidence from the text as a supporting factor.  


I believe these sessions provide a great opportunity for the students to express their thoughts and ideas in a fashion that's less mundane than the daily curriculum.


3rd Grade

I was annoyed at my Mom for signing my up for what I thought was a school activity on the weekend... but it was a lot of fun!

It was a really good experience.


4th Grade

I used to hate writing, but now I love it!


6th Grade

It was so much fun. I really had a good time!


7th Grade

I wrote my story in like

5 minutes and it came out good, that's never happened before.

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